Cyran from Not Wonder Woman gives some real tips and examples of how to follow up after an interview that will set you apart from you competition and increase yur chances of getting the job.

Cyran gives tips on how to build your network following an interview, how to deal with a lengthy interview process with professionalism, all whilst all putting you in the best position to get the job!

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Ever wonder what you should be doing after a job interview? How do you best follow up? How do you handle waiting for the call back? All your post interview questions are answered in this episode that is part of our Find Your Dream Job series.

If you have been listening to our Find Your Dream Job series, you will know we are taking you through the steps you need to take to land your dream job. In this episode we discuss how to appropriately follow up after an interview, what steps you can be taking while you are waiting for answer, how to evaluate the company after an interview and what to do if you know the job is not the right fit for you.

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Do you hate networking? I mean really hate it? We can get you through it and show you ways to help land your dream job through more effective networking.  

Last week Cyran and Mel discussed the trials and tribulations of networking. In this week's mini episode, Mel does a deeper dive into topics like body language and how it effects your ability to successfully network with others, how to start and keep the conversation going at networking events, how to end awkward conversations and tips on best places for effective networking - hint it is not at the office happy hour!

Want to find that dream job? No one does it alone. Join Cyran and Mel as they talk networking! Yes its a weird thing to walk into a room of people you dont know but they break down why networking is so important to your career success plus give you their tips to making networking less awkward for everyone.  

Join Cyran in this mini episode as she talks about the struggles of returning to work after having a baby and she gives her tips on how to find ways to make it work for you!

In this week's episode Cyran and Mel bring you their tips for preparing for the interview for your dream job. 


In this week's episode we discuss if you should leave your LinkedIn settings on private or open when researching who you're interviewing with. What to do with your handbag when you go in to your interview.

Plus, the best questions ever to ask your interviewer.


Plus the most random fast five to date!

Join us for our first mini episode - the Do's and Don'ts to modern resume writing to land that dream job!

In our dream job series, we are going into more details on how to write the perfect resume to land that dream job. We tell you some of the mistakes to avoid as well as specific examples on how to craft a killer resume so that your dream job is closer to a reality!


How do you know what your dream job is? Cyan and Mel take you through the steps to help identify your perfect dream job. They also give you specific insights on how to improve your resume and your best resources for starting the search for your dream job in this new series on how to land the job of your dreams!

Do you pass the Stress Test? April is Stress Awareness Month. It is a great reminder to check in with yourself and others about stress levels. In this podcast, we learn from our trusted, medical professional how to recognize stress in yourself, your significant other and even your kids. We learn practical questions to ask to get at the heart of what is causing the stress., how to respond to others when they are stressed, and some practical advice from our medical professional about how you can better reduce stress in your busy life.

Cyran and Mel discuss why what you wear to work matters and the age-old question of whether you should dress for the job you want and not the job that you have.

With 93% of communication is non-verbal with people you meet making up their mind about you in the first 5 seconds. You can't afford to get this stuff wrong.

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