Season 3 - Not Wonder Woman

We are back recording Not Wonder Woman for ya'll! Thank you so much to everyone that has listened from day 1, we now have tens of thousands of downloads under the belt and we love audio content. We know how busy we all are and on-demand audio is the best way to kill two birds - listening whilst driving, cooking or working out, anything.

In this episode, we update you with what we did over Summer, share our thoughts about creating content online now that we've been doing it for a good while and worked on some big campaigns, what kind of content we love creating here for you and why we don't take anything too seriously.

This podcast is for those of us that do not profess to 'know it all; but who, like us, like to share what we've learned so far and as for everything else - work hard to figure it out as we go.

Thanks so much for listening.

Cyran and Mel

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