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Why NOT Wonder Woman?

Why NOT Wonder Woman?

Have you ever seen the woman who has it all together? She seems like nothing gets in her way; she is quickly climbing the corporate ladder; her family is perfect; her hair is elegantly quaffed, and she is always on time.  You are pretty sure she has super human powers, right? But we know that is not true.  

The podcasters behind NOT Wonder Woman - Cyran and Mel - know that it is not any capes or super powers that make your life successful.  Any success whether at work or home takes time. It takes hustle. It takes courage. It takes patience. And, importantly, it takes help.  None of us are Wonder Woman.  As much as we try, we cannot do it alone. None of us have this work-life balance figured out perfectly. We are all needing inspiration, laughs, encouragement, fresh ideas, and a helpful “how to” every once in a while. 

NOT Wonder Woman attempts to remove the wonder woman myth and find practical insight to help the working woman conquer the workaday world like the #bossbabes you know you can be!

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